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1972 1c Lincoln Memorial Cent/Penny w/ Dupe/Doubled Letters/Numbers HOT ERROR!

U.S. Mint

  • $ 9495
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We've added an exciting new ERROR coin for your review: 

 MAJOR ERRORS - SHINY RED 1972 1c  Lincoln Cent 

 The front of the coin shows VERY  thick Letters on IGWT w/Notches/Splits 

 It appears to the novice as duplicated  or doubled text 

 Ex: Trust over Trust, Liberty over Liberty, etc

 Many photos are included here for your review of this bizarre penny.

 Photos taken with Camera Zoom & also with 500x jewelry Scope

This Vintage coin is SHARP & GORGEOUS!

*** Please Note: I am NOT calling this a "Doubled Die" or a "DDO".
I am not an expert, but I see it as a coin with errors and 
have provided you with multiple images to decide if
 you are interested. Please read/acknowledge this.

I'm just shocked that the Mint allowed such errors!

If you're interested, don't just watch this coin.
Most folks forget they are watching an item...
Until they get notified that it sold!!

Own this great error coin today!



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