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POKEMON 1st Edition poketest2 1

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We offer you another exciting item to 
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Condition: NICE! But, we are not graders, so we always
ask you to please check the Hi-Res images
for yourself before ordering.

About Us, Our Specialties, etc: 


We love to collect Pokémon Cards and everything TCG. 
We love the hobby and love Collecting Pokémon & 
all cards. We are collectors just like you! 

We offer cards made by all the major card companies (WOTC,
Wizards of the Coast, Pokémon Company, Nintendo,
Creatures, Gamefreak, Wizards, Topps, Pokemon).

We cover within these companies, all of the expansion sets  
from 1st Edition (First Edition), Unlimited, Shadowless,
Promos, etc, and across all types of cards,
from Base, to Holo, to Reverse Holo, Foil,
Ex, LX, LV, Gx, Full Art, Trainer, Energy,
and more types, with all HP levels. 

Rarities range from Ultra Rare, Hyper Rare, Secret Rare,
Rare, Uncommon, and Common, as well as Break
Cards. We also cover Errors, such as square-cut
or off-center cards from all of the major sets. 

The most popular sets are the Base Set, Jungle, Fossil,
Rocket, Neo, Gym, Diamond, HCGS, Black and White,
BW, XY, X&Y (especially Flashfire, Evolutions, and
Generations), Sun & Moon, and Promos such as
McDonalds and Black Star Promos, and small 
series such as Legendary Birds, Kalos, etc.

Most of the cards are NM (Near Mint), but some of the cards
are graded, ranging from Gem Mint, to Mint, Near Mint (NM)
EX, VG, and below. The grading is done by professional
3rd party companies, such as PSA, BGS or BCCG
(Becketts), GMA, SGC, or PGA. 

As for the actual characters, the most popular ones, as you
can imagine, are anything Charizard, Pikachu, Blastoise,
Venusaur, Raichu, Machamop, Wartortle, Charmander,
Charmeleon, Eevee, & more. Whether you play in a
tournament or are a collector, we have what you
need for your deck, set, or your showcase.

These aren't just toys anymore!

Keep in mind that you need to spell these names, which
are odd to some folks. For example, Charizard is often
typed in as Charizar, Charazard, Charzard, and
Blastoise often as Blastoys, or Blastois. By
the same token, Venusaur is sometimes
typed as Venasaur or Venusaw. Pikachu
is typed as Pickachu or Pikashoo.
Please be careful with character
names or the listings won't come
up in your searches for them.

We collect/buy/sell all year round !! 

Enjoy this and our many other items we offer, and 
always enjoy FREE SHIPPING !! 



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