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Growing up in New York City in the 1980s was fun!

There was no such thing as the "Internet", so I had to feed all of my hobby needs by going to Baseball Card Shows or Coin Shows, which usually took place in overcrowded, smoke-filled places.

In the mid-80s, I began selling at card shows in Brooklyn and in Queens (New York).

Yes, this picture is of me selling at a Baseball Card Show in Brooklyn, circa 1986!


My hottest selling items way back then?

Don Mattingly Rookies at $15-$20 each and U.S. Coin Proof sets for $10 each.

I put every single dime back into cardboard (Sports Cards) and coins (U.S. Coins)!

After almost 40 years invested in these hobbies, fortunately, technology has made all of our lives easier!

However, finding all of the collectibles that you are looking for can still be quite a challenge!

You go to one site and find one of the rookie cards that you were looking for, but they do not have that graded card that you need!

So, you go to another site, and find the graded card that you need.

Suddenly, you have two shopping carts going from two different sites, with shipping costs on each site.

That can become quite expensive!

Even further, if you are also looking for a Pokemon Card, a U.S. Coin, or a Comic Book, that's even more sites, more shopping carts, and more shipping costs!

That's where we come in!

At, you can find all of your collectible needs on ONE website:

...Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Basketball Cards, Hockey Cards, Pokemon Cards, U.S. Coins, Comic Books...EVERYTHING!

Even will NEVER pay for shipping!

We offer FREE SHIPPING on every order, regardless of order size!

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