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About Us

Who is this Clown, anyway?

   OK, that specimen in the middle is me, circa 1987, selling at a card show in Brooklyn, NY. I was just 15 years old. My game: I was flipping Mattingly Rookies for $20 a pop, proof coin sets at $10 a pop, and apparently, reinvesting my profits into gold charms, at that time!

   Why totally embarrass myself? Why not? Because this is a shining example of how I've invested over 25 years in these twin hobbies, and the love I have for each of them.

   I am honored that you've come here, and I promise you some of the best experiences you can find in our wonderful hobbies.

OUR MISSION: To Create an open, honest, objective environment that fosters mutual trust and instills mutual confidence, allowing us to step away from the "slab trap" that has been created by handing over our power to "self-appointed experts" as part of a 3rd party dependency, and with the termination of this dependency, the natural forces of the market will prevail again, fostering the re-emergence of a true "Liquid Marketplace" for Dealers and Collectors of Cards and Coins.